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17,36 EUR*
Details ThereS-No-Business-Like-Show-Business

CD: Irving Berlin,Irving Berlin's There's No Business Like Show Business - Orig

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Details European-Business-Macmillan-Business

(This book provides an introduction to European business, and focuses upon the application of business and business policy in a European context, with the use of up-to-date examples and case studies)

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Details A-Business-Plan-Build-a-Great-Plan-for-the-Growing-Business-Natwest-Business-Handbooks

Your company,s stability of growth is fundamentally dependent on the amount of planning you do. However, knowing how to implement a business plan and what it should include is not always obvious. This NatWest Business Handbook provides you with a ...

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Details Manual-of-Business-Italian-A-Comprehensive-Guide-to-Doing-Business-in-Italian-Languages-for-Business

Manual of Business Italian This is a single-volume reference for all students and professionals studying or working in business and management where Italian is used. It is designed for all users no matter what level of language skill. Full description

58,00 EUR*
Details Die-Vernderung-des-Business-to-Business-B2B-Marketing-bei-Automobilzulieferbetrieben-durch-Strategien-der-Hersteller-und-Electronic-Business

Inhaltsangabe:Einleitung: Der Markt der Automobilindustrie befindet sich in einem umfassenden Umstrukturierungsprozess. Die Hersteller verfolgen Plattformstrategien und verwenden vermehrt Baukastensysteme. Sie konzentrieren sich auf ihre ...